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Sam Halter

Ecstatic Dance Instructor




Ecstatic Dance is a style of free form dance in which the music is the teacher. It is found all over the world and in many cultures. In this form of dance, there is no structure or steps to follow or any specific way to dance. Ecstatic dance is also called Conscious Dance and is in the spirit of approaches such as ‘Five Rhythms’ and ‘Movement medicine’.

Ecstatic dance events are differentiated by being a talk free space. Events feature curated music playlists in this case (Or Live DJ’s or Live Music in other settings), with some gentle guidance and space holding from the facilitator. Music is crafted to follow a specific pattern or wave, starting calm, building in intensity through the class before becoming more relaxed or even meditative at the end. The music that is offered ranges from Electronic dance music to world music with a wide variety of musical traditions featured. The events are inclusive of all ages and are drug and alcohol free.

 A format composed of 5 parts.

1.   Warmup Dance (Music)

2.   Opening Circle with Guidelines and Agreements

3.   Class Intentions

4.   Dance (Music)

5.   Closing Circle and social time.

Dress to move and Sweat.

£8 pound a session on the night. £7 booked in advance. £6 a session booked in a block of 10 session

Class Times


20:14 - 22:00

Ecstatic Dance

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Rochester Dance Junction -

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